Top 5 Industry Disruptors

Industry Disruptors can be defined as innovative ways of doing business in an existing sector shaking up the status quo. We have identified the top 5 disruptors that are changing the way projects are delivered in the built and civil infrastructure environments.

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The landscape of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Product Design & Manufacturing industries has changed drastically in the 21st century. With a rapid acceleration in population and urbanisation, challenges encountered today are more complex than those of the past, requiring them to be fulfilled in the shortest time, in the most economical way possible.

The developments in BIM and related technology is being rapidly adopted globally.

Industry professionals need to embrace the advancements to be competitive and future-ready.

We have identified 5 technology advancements that are disrupting the industry by providing new innovative ways of solving today’s complex problems, improving efficiency and delivering better project outcomes.

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