Revit Structure Template

This Revit template was created for structural engineering application in the South African environment and includes all the essential elements of a good functioning Revit Template.

R2490.00 incl. VAT

A Revit Template should be the starting point for your project and should be designed to save you time setting up a new project. It is also a great way to implement company-wide drawing styles to ensure consistency. This Revit template was created for structural engineerning application in the South African environment.

It includes a variety of frequently used system families as well as loadable families.

Commonly used annotations, symbols, lines, and text styles have been incorporated. View templates and phases are included to easily produce drawings for construction, design & council submission.

Legends and schedules form part of this template to save production time.

This template can be used as is or form a great foundation for further amendments to make it specific to your organisation.

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