Inventor Drawing Template

With this template, you will be able to customise your Inventor Drawing Template or title block to your requirements, including iproperties and custom properties, as well as your company information.
Requirements: Basic understanding of Autodesk Inventor

R1253.50 incl. VAT

This template is for all the Autodesk Inventor users that would like to customise the data that is shown on their drawings with ease, automatically.

This template makes use of a simple form to input the page size, title block, standardised comments and other relevant property details to be added to an Autodesk Inventor drawing.

A company logo can also be added to this template in order to further customise the drawing output to the person or entity that is creating the drawings. Assistance will be provided in adding your specific logo to the drawing template.

This template has is accompanied by a instructional guide to ensure that you know how to use this template to customise your drawings.

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