Autodesk Fusion 360 Simulation Extension

Make better products with the Simulation Extension. Test the manufacturability of designs with structural or thermal simulations and more

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The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension lets your team analyze performance and manufacturability.

Simulation study types help with understanding how your 3D designs perform under real-life conditions before manufacturing anything.

Explore structural, thermal, and explicit simulation tools, including injection moulding, for manufacturing insights. Get unlimited access to cloud solves.

Access to diverse simulations

Simulate what you need with access to a wide range of advanced finite element analysis (FEA) simulation capabilities that use trusted solvers from matured simulation software.

Uncomplicate simulation CAD models

Simplify your simulation CAD models and simulation studies. Compare design changes and revisions without the need to export models.

Ensure plastic part moldability

Detect and visualize moldability. Predict the quality of injection-molded plastic parts. Use design change recommendations to inform your 3D designs.

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