Autodesk Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension

The Signal Integrity Extension enables product designers and engineers to inspect and resolve issues with PCB signals early in the design phase to improve product EMC and EMI (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference) testing compliance, reduce costly physical PCB testing and prototyping, and accelerate development.

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The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension, powered by Ansys, is a cost option that unlocks additional PCB/electronics signal integrity tools and capabilities inside Fusion 360, allowing you to run electromagnetic analysis on critical signals within your PCB.

Make reliable products

Discover how to improve your high-speed PCB design compliance with EMI and EMC testing standards with PCB signal integrity tools available in Fusion 360.

Accelerate development cycle

Improve your product development process by virtualizing electromagnetic analysis and simulation early within PCB design workflow.

Lower physical testing costs

Minimize costly physical PCB prototyping and boards re-spins with access to your design’s electromagnetic signal performance.

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