Scan to Bim

Scan to BIm Tile Image

Estimated Time: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Difficulty: Beginner

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Your Course

  • Understand the Scan-to-BIM methodology and workflow
    • What is Scanning
    • What is BIM
    • What is Scan to BIM
    • Benefits of Scan to BIM
    • The Refined Scan to BIM Workflow
  • Automate BIM Modelling using Geometry Extraction Technologies
    • Reviewing the Office Space in Autodesk ReCap Pro
    • An Introduction to ClearEdge3D EdgeWise
    • Point Cloud Geometry Extraction with ClearEdge3D EdgeWise
    • Editing Extracted Point Cloud Geometry in ClearEdge3D EdgeWise
    • Importing Extracted Point Cloud Geometry in Autodesk Revit
  • Create & use a BIM Model for Design Visualisation
    • The Final BIM Office Model in Autodesk Revit
    • Appending the BIM Model & Point Cloud in Autodesk Navisworks
    • Attaching the Autodesk Navisworks NWD to Autodesk Recap Pro
    • Creating a Stereo Panoramic VR In Autodesk Navisworks
    • The Constructed Office
  • Working with As-Built Scans
    • Reviewing the As-Built Scan in Autodesk Recap Pro
    • Comparing the As-Built Scan to BIM Model in Autodesk Navisworks
    • Extracting the As-Built Scan in ClearEdge3D EdgeWise
    • The As-Built BIM Office Model is Complete and Handed Over
  • Utilise Reality Capture/ Scan-to-BIM Technologies for automated As-Built Capture & Modelling
    • Introducing Leica Technologies
    • Starting the Scanning Process
    • Previewing Scan Data Captured per Set Up
    • Linking Scan Setups in the Field
    • The Captured Data Upon Completion
    • Transferring the Data from the Mobile Device to Desktop
    • Previewing the Point Cloud on Desktop
    • Removing Scan Noise and Previewing Scan Visual Styles
    • Tightening Scan Accuracy Between Setups
    • Creating a Scan Report & Exporting to ReCap Pro

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